The Bullet Sniper – Frequently Asked Questions

Your wallet is always going to be safe! Safety is our no1 priority! We will never ask for your private keys. When you join our dApp, you are requested to authenticate with your wallet, and sign to prove ownership. This way the app can validate if your are a holder of Bullet tokens or not, and allow you to use the app.
You will be transferring yourself funds into your Sniper Account, to be able to snipe. You can anytime move funds back to your wallet, either you want to keep them there, or just want to move your profit!
We have 3 tiers/plans! You have to hold the $BLT tokens worth in $ for each one. You can see the tiers here:
Custom and well written code, powered by very fast private servers for insane speed and whole network of private nodes!
The Bullet WalletGuardian is scanning the mempool continuously! The moment it detects a malicious action toward your wallet, the sniper frontruns it and sells your entire bag.
You can find the app at: We have a lot of demos on our YouTube channel! We suggest you take a look at them for a start.
Yes, you can snipe with BULLET BSC, ETH, AVAX, MATIC, CRO, etc. Basically every EVM!
In order to use the PRO VERSION, you need to hold at least $1499 worth of $BLT! See more details here:
You can buy on PancakeSwap. This is the buy link:
We are a core team of 3 friends, each one with very high experience in the development area. But Bullet mean our entire community!
We are here to ensure that you will have a friendly interaction with new launches, to assist you not to get scammed. We are using ourselves the same tool we are offering you!
Make sure you have enough $BLT tokens and that you are on: Than, click Connect on the top-right side of the screen. Select your Web3 method of authentication, Sign the message we provided to prove you have control over the wallet holding the #bullet tokens, and you are ready to go!